To prepare our students to be industry-ready, life-ready, and world ready for the transformation of Nepal through skill and competencies.


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To be the innovative and constructive polytechnic linking people for tomorrow, linking skills for the future.

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Anilmuni Bajracharya

Dear Students, Parents, Visitors, and Employers, Welcome to the official website of our esteemed Technical school! As the Principal, of Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute (SPI), a constituent school of CTEVT it is my pleasure to extend a warm greeting to all those who are exploring our school throu... More

About Us

about us

Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute (SPI) was established in 2016, to provide quality technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the nation. It is the Council for technical education and vocational training (CTEVT) constituent institute which is a national autonomous apex body of the TEVT sector. Located 17 km Northeast of Kathmandu, the institute offers a pleasant, calm, and quiet environment for teaching and learning as well as easy accessibility to reach from the capital city....

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Our Programs

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Introduction The diploma in Civil Engineering was started in 2073BS in ‘Shankharapur Polytech

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Diploma in Geomatics Engineering

Introduction Geomatics engineering is an academic discipline that deals with geospatial data in its

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Diploma in Civil Engineering (Specialization in Hydropower)

Introduction The diploma in Civil Engineering (Specialized in Hydropower) was started in 2075BS at

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Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

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Diploma in Architecture Engineering

Diploma in Architecture Engineering

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Short Term Courses

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Success Stories - Srashta Karki

Diploma in civil engineering
(2017A.D- 2020A.D)

I was born in an average family in the remote district of Jajarkot. I decided to pursue my dream to join Civil Engineering after SEE in 2074 BS. We started to search for good technical colleges around Kathmandu and came to know about Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute at Sankhu. We were impressed by the outstanding infrastructure and facilities at SPI so decided to join Diploma in Civil Engineering. Many people around my family commented that it might be difficult for a daughter to work in a male-dominated field like civil engineering but my parents were determined to provide quality education to their daughter. Finally, I passed the entrance exam and got admission here. That was indeed one of the best decisions of my life. The support and mentoring I received from the college management, and teachers guided me to successfully accomplish my dream. I even received a scholarship as an outstanding student provided by CTEVT which motivated me to work even harder. Finally, I completed my Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2078 BS with distinction and started preparation for government services. After lots of dedication, hard work, and continuous support from my teachers, and parents I was able to crack the public service commission exam in the year 2079 BS. Currently, I am working as an assistant Sub-Engineer in Musikot municipality, west Rukum. The support, motivation, and guidance provided by the SPI family will always be close to my heart.

Success Stories - Janga Bahadur Nesur

Sankharpur - 2, KTM
Diploma in Civil Engineering
First Batch (2016 AD - 2019 AD)

Three golden years at Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute provided me with the required knowledge & skills to enlighten my whole life. So, I consider myself fortunate for joining SPI as it was one of the best decisions of my life. I would like to give special thanks to this Institute and all the teachers who provided quality education in an interactive environment. As a result, after studying at Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute, I got job opportunities in various places and gained social respect. The knowledge taught in classrooms & skills learnt in fieldwork helped me gain confidence & understand the methodology to work as a team in Civil Engineering projects. I have been working as a technical supervisor (Site Incharge) under the suspension bridge division of the Ministry of Urban Development - Local Infrastructure Department,Government of Nepal, since passing out in 2019 A.D. Once again, I would like to thank Shankharpur Polytechnic Institute for determining my bright future.

Success Stories - Sharada Parajuli

Madan Deupur - 12, Kavre
First Batch - 2075

A moment at ‘Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute’ was the most joyous time of my life. Friends and teachers helped a lot during my three years study of Diploma in Civil Engineering (specializing in Hydropower). Our college provides practical knowledge along with theoretical. A friendly environment made it easier to study and friends made there will always be cherished.

Currently, I’m working at ‘Banepa Digital Napi Karyaliya’ as an engineering surveyor.

Success Stories - Pawan Lamichhane

Likhu - 02, Nuwakot
First Batch - 2075

Studying at ‘Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute’ is the best part of my life. Well-equipped infrastructures and faculty members helped us to make the best out of ourselves. Learning from SPI is very useful presently at the work site. I look further to continuing my studies for a 'Bachelor in Engineering’.

Currently, I’m working for ‘S.K.R. Group’ as a site engineer and constructing the building of Annapurna Polytechnic Institute, CTEVT.

Success Stories - Mina Dhital

Sinja, Jumla
Diploma of Geomatics Engineering, 2074

I was born in the very remote village of Sinja in Jumla district. I pursued my early education from the school in my village but I always had an ambition for higher studies in technical education. Financially not so strong, I never had the gut to express my desire to the family. But maybe it was my fate, I got the opportunity to pursue my Diploma in Geomatics Engineering from Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute, a CTEVT constituent institute. The reasonable fee structure and the scope of the course after graduation were one of the major factors that motivated my parents to allow me admission to this technical education. Because of the excellent technical education and hands-on skills that was provided in the institute along with the handling of the modern survey and mapping instruments and software, it has made me easier to perform my task in regular working duty as I am employed as a Surveyor in Kohalpur Municipality in Banke district from National Land Commission.

Success Stories - Raju Bhlon

Shankharapur Municipality - 5, Kathmandu
Diploma of Geomatics Engineering - 2074

After graduating from Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute, CTEVT I had to come to the conclusion that moreover, Technical education can provide individuals from low-income families or underprivileged communities with the skills and knowledge needed to secure better-paying jobs and improve their standard of living. Currently I'm working as a Surveyor in the District Court of Udaypur appointed as a government employee from the public service commission and I 'm satisfied with my decision of choosing Technical Education with a Diploma in Geomatics Engineering.

Success Stories - Satya Basnet

Diploma in Geomatics Engineering 

Being alumnus of Shankharapur Polytechnic Institute, and now returning here as Asst. Instructor is truly a full circle moment for me. I'm excited to give back to the community that shaped me and to inspire the next generation of the students.